Unusual Side Dish – Braised Radish

It is difficult to imagine that radish can be a side dish, and hot. We overcame surprise and embarrassment and decided to cook a radish stewed in mustard sauce. They froze, tried … it turned out to be very tasty! The side dish is juicy and tender. Hot radish tastes slightly like cauliflower. But, this taste is more interesting – it has a speck and a tenderness.
In the season, there are still not many natural and ripe vegetables, this accompaniment to the main course is a good option. Here is the prescription:


Radish – 600g.


Mustard 1 tbsp. l

Tarragon 20g.

Vegetable broth 100 ml.

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

First, prepare the radish: cut it into quarters. Then in a stewpan over high heat we heat the broth, add oil to it and wait until it melts. Throw the radish into the broth and, reducing the fire, extinguish it, covered with a lid, for 10 minutes.

At the end, add mustard and simmer a little more – about 2 minutes. Throw tarragon and remove the radish from the fire. Such a hot radish in sauce is a wonderful and light summer side dish for meat, fish and as an addition to fried eggs

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