Which smoothie would the great movie divis choose?

Before preparing a smoothie, we will study the technical requirements. What do we need for a smoothie to work out? The main thing is a good blender. He must be able to turn even the hardest products, such as carrots, into air-tender substances. In addition, the blender must be able to grind ice – this is a common ingredient in smoothie formulations. We use the BODUM Bistro blender – he can do it all.

Lemon and Pineapple Smoothie for Bridget Bardot

The beautiful Brigitte ate almost nothing. At least that’s how she told reporters interested in how she manages to maintain her figure. We believe her and also want a figure no worse. Bridget bequeathed to us – lemon, pineapple, water – this is the daily diet. We follow her advice – we prepare smoothies based on pineapple and lemon and, for greater fortification, we also add celery. We act in a simple way: squeeze the juice of a lemon, send it to a blender. Following – sliced ​​pineapple and celery stalks. Click the “start” button – here it is – “Bardo-Smoothie”!

To do this, smoothies need nothing at all:

150 g fresh pineapple

1 lemon

3 stalks of celery.

Strawberry Smoothie for Marlene Dietrich

This smoothie has a lot of citrus fruits, but strawberries make its taste, and the juice of oranges and grapefruit only adds a piquant accent. This smoothie is very tender and slightly spicy due to a piece of ginger that needs to be added to it. Marlene Dietrich sat on a strawberry diet all her life. So dedicate this smoothie to her.

Juice of 2 oranges

Grapefruit Juice

Strawberry 12 pcs

Oatmeal 1.5 tablespoons

Yogurt – 50 ml

Ginger Root – 1 slice

Green Smoothie for Demi Moore

The most ardent supporter of fruit and vegetable nutrition – Demi Moore – this smoothie would definitely approve. Spinach, apple, carrot and ice are all that is needed for it. There are a lot of vitamins in it and, in addition, it is very satisfying – spinach, like carrots, contains fiber, which contributes to the instant elimination of hunger. If your blender is struggling to grind hard carrots, add a third of a glass of water.

1 large carrot

1 apple

75 grams of spinach

4-6 ice cubes

Smoothies are best poured into beautiful double-walled glasses. Such a drink is perfect for a party. And for lovers of alcoholic beverages, you can make ivan tea or bloody mary.

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